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New portfolios and a Gallery section

In this post I am introducing a new section to the site called the Gallery. Every month I will select an image that I believe represents everything that photography means to me. Additionally, two new portfolios have been added which together encapsulate my favorite aspects of street photography... those moments in which a stranger passes in front of the lens and creates a dynamic scene or an unexpected effect that manipulates a component of the intended image.
Reflections, our first new portfolio is a collection of shots taken that incorporate a reflection in the image whether it being the silhouette of a building on a passing car's windshield or a person walking in front of a store window. The first image in the portfolio is "Reflections: Case Study 1", which was taken overlooking Avenue of the Americas in Manhattan. While prepping the shot, I noticed the interior's lighting scheme reflected on the window, giving the image a subtle warmth while adding an additional…
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An afternoon at the Oculus

I took an afternoon walk, wondering through the Oculus station in downtown Manhattan. The first time I visited this place, it was ethereal. Once inside the interior one can only stare in awe at this magnificent edifice which is located in the World Trade Center area. This state of the art property opened on the 4th of March 2016 after more than 12 years of planning and development.

The Oculus was designed by renowned Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava and occupies 800,000 square feet of retail and dining space alongside the third busiest terminal station in New York City.

The development of the project cost more than $4 Billion made possible by public funds and undertaken by the Port Authority of New York/New Jersey alongside Swedish firm Skanska contracted for the build out.

The station serves as a connecting hub for more than 250,000 daily commuters with transit users having access to 11 subway stations and the PATH rail system that connects the island of Manhattan and New Jersey. Th…

Brief portfolio introduction

Within the site are several portfolios containing a select group of images which I hope you will find of interest. First off is the Dreamscapes portfolio of images that can only be described as surreal. A view or place so magnificent, so amazing like something from a dream. A case study can be found in our first image in the portfolio "Afternoon at the Oculus" which was taken at the dreamlike edifice called the Oculus in downtown Manhattan.

In the Symmetry portfolio I focus on the beauty and harmony that symmetrical objects call to mind. Our notion of perfection is sometimes illustrated in objects that seem to have equal sides but nothing is perfect and that is illustrated in a subtle example on the next image taken at the Tyson's Corner metro station in the Washington DC area. The two lights near the center of the image are not symmetrical... maybe by design.

Next is Neon, a collection of big and bright color photography. I always found this type of photography interestin…

Photography as Zen...

The name "IonZen" (I.on.Zen) was born from my curiosity for the concept of Sunyata within the Zen doctrine. Sunyata refers to the idea in which by realizing emptiness and creating a void without obstruction and distraction, one is able to reach a higher level of enlightenment and peace within.

Photography to me is a form of Zen, a momentary time freeze without the noise around me, a priceless instance in which my focus is solely on the image and story I hope to convey through my camera. .......... More posts