Café Devoción

Devoción is a Colombian based purveyor of fine "Single Origin" coffee founded in 2006. The first café opened its doors in the city of Bogota and serves more than 17 varieties of grounds showcasing a wide range of complex notes which are held to the highest standards according to the Specialty Coffee Association of America SCAA. For the brand's first North American Café, a former warehouse was chosen located in the trendy Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn. The stunning large industrial brick building was fully renovated retaining its original structure DNA with exposed steel beams, red brick walls and reclaimed wood. Upon entering the Café, a large doorway leads guests to the roasting room. The grounds are tested in the adjacent laboratory to create the wonderful roasts and blends that will be served at the sitting area and also packed for sale. After passing the roasting and testing rooms, guests enter a bright and beautiful open floor layout with seating arrangements.

The Roaster

The Seating Area

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