California City

In 1958 real estate developer Nat Mendelsohn purchased 80,000 acres 65 miles southwest of Death Valley. By 1960 the area had its first post office and in 1965 it was incorporated into California City, the 3rd largest city in California by land area. Occupying 203 square miles and with a population of 14,210 people, the city is the 34th largest city in the United States according to the Census Bureau. California City is currently the home of the Mojave Air and Space Port and Edwards Air Force Base. There is only one problem... it is mostly an emp ty grid of paved, sand covered roads in the middle of the desert detailing the undeveloped dreams of what could have been a promising metropolis with its own central park, schools, neighborhoods and shopping centers. The Land of the Sun is a short directed by Niklas Goldbach that takes us around this incredible example of one of the worlds largest failed urban expansion plans.
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