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LFI - 3.2019

I am thrilled and honored to have my work included in the latest issue of LFI - Leica Fotografie International. For more than 70 years LFI has focused on showcasing the best Leica photographers. Alongside wonderful photography, the magazine gives the reader an inside look at the world surrounding Leica cameras. Published 8 times per year, each edition is beautifully rendered, in an elegant and timeless format both in print and online. Thank you LFI!

Pick up the latest issue of LFI Magazine at any Leica Store worldwide or via the LFI website (LFI).


New Portfolios and Gallery Section

In this post I am introducing a new section to the site called the Gallery. In Gallery my intention is to showcase an image that I believe represent the meaning of photography to me. An image that captures a unique moment or makes us wonder. Alongside the new section, there are two new portfolios that together encapsulate my favorite aspects of street photography; those moments in which a stranger passes in front of the lens and creates a dynamic scene or an unexpected effect that naturally manipulates the image. Street photography personifies the essence of city life; it is instinctive and spontaneous by nature, pure and authentic with a soul.

Reflections, our first of a set of two new portfolios is a collection of shots taken that incorporate a reflective component. Whether the silhouette of a building is mirrored on the windshield of a passing car or a street scene is captured on a store front window, the intent of the image is for each viewer to make their own interpretations of th…