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Brief portfolio introduction

Within the site are several portfolios containing a select group of images which I hope you will find of interest. First off is the Dreamscapes portfolio of images that can only be described as surreal. A view or place so magnificent, so amazing like something from a dream. A case study can be found in our first image in the portfolio "Afternoon at the Oculus" which was taken at the dreamlike edifice called the Oculus in downtown Manhattan.

In the Symmetry portfolio I focus on the beauty and harmony that symmetrical objects call to mind. Our notion of perfection is sometimes illustrated in objects that seem to have equal sides but nothing is perfect and that is illustrated in a subtle example on the next image taken at the Tyson's Corner metro station in the Washington DC area. The two lights near the center of the image are not symmetrical... maybe by design.

Next is Neon, a collection of big and bright color photography. I always found this type of photography interesting as it opens up the mind and allows our imagination to wonder as we look for small details within the image. The first image in the portfolio is "Times Square at Night" which was taken near 42nd Street and Broadway in Midtown Manhattan.

Finally, there are some images which are best viewed in monochrome presentation. The photography within the Colorvoid portfolio is meant to conjure emotions, bring back distant memories or evoke a sense of calm. "Oculus Bones" was taken at the Oculus in Manhattan and is the first installment in the portfolio.